How can i sync my effect plugins to tempo?Please help! :(

Hello everyone, i have different effect plugins for my channels like GrossBeat, MondoMod by Waves etc.All the time i’m planning my arrangement with effects like them, i put them in the channels too, but when i stop the track for some edit even if i will make it on a different channel, it’s missing rhythm, doesn’t fit to the tempo and i can’t solve it, can’t get the same rhythm back too.So unfortunately i can’t use em even though i need them too much, i’m producing different genres :frowning:

I want to make them stop while i stop the track at the same time just like in the other DAWs but i don’t want to make my projects rewired to the another DAWs.I don’t know what to do to which options for fix this sync problem, anyone to help?

Thanks in advance!