How can I sync up two very similar audio recordings -- Tempo Detection, then...?

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This is my first post here so be gentle :-).

I have two audio tracks in Nuendo. Same track; one is recorded from an old cassette deck - the other one from a vinyl.
It is the same track but different versions and tempo is a little different.
Also these versions of the track was recorded using traditional drums, bass, guitar, horns and vocals so the tempo is fluctuating a little.

My problem is this; I want to make them sync up 100%. I have used the Tempo Detection tool on the vinyl version and the clicks follow this track perfectly now but for the love of God I can’t seem to find a way to make the other audio file following the tempo track.
Am I supposed to use hitpoints? Audiowarp? Any ideas will be highly appreciated as it is driving me crazy here :-).

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I’ve never done that with Nuendo. It might be possible but the only tool I know that does a really A+ job of things with unstable tempos is Capstan from Celemony. It does an amazing job of detecting wavering tempo from mediums with wow and flutter, like vinyl and tape, and letting you correct that. It also has great manual controls if you need to override the auto detection.

The downside is, of course, cost. I don’t know that they even actually sell unlimited licenses, you can rent it for 5 days for $200.

We professionally digitize thousands of audio cassettes and tapes. Tape decks always have deviations from the target speed.
We correct this via time stretch “elastique Pro - Tape”. For example tempo 120 bpm to 119,72 to make it a little slower.
Please keep in mind that cassettes also fluctuate somewhat in tempo due to wow and flutter. Just test the value. The quality remains very good.

Guys. Thank you se much for your inputs.
I solved it thanks to the ideas that came from your replies :slightly_smiling_face:

I would have wished I could have done it the way I initially wanted though. Tempo Detection on my reference track and then “beat syncing” the other track to the click/tempo track of the reference track.

As Nuendo is capable of detecting the fluctuating tempo of the ref. track and can make a tempo track that runs perfectly I really don’t see why it should not be able to apply that tempo track to another very similar track - but it can’t as far as I can tell.

I ended up tempo detecting one track at a time - then looking for a median tempo and then exporting them both at the fixed median tempo. Would have preferred my initial way but this is ok.



This is the actual solution, albeit the most expensive one:

Celemony | Capstan

If you need perfect phase alignment I recommend:

This allows two or more tracks to be perfectly phase matched. So balance the wow and flutter on cassettes to another track. The material is perfectly shifted to the phase of another track almost every fraction of a second.
I use it e.g. when I double instruments so there are no awkward phase cancellations.