How can I tell if I worked on a project with N32 or N64?

Opening some old projects and I can’t remember which version I used with them.

Is there a way?


OK, FYI: if I open the .npr in an HEX editor or Ultraedit I will see this:

..Version 5.5.3.
....Apr   5 2012.
... ....WIN64... <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< WIN32 or WIN64

Should be easier…

Pretty sure that Nuendo will tell you when you try to open it if it was not the same as the current OS

AFAIK this is completely transparant.
It doesn’t matter in which version the project was started or opened.
It wil always open in both versions. If the memory consumption & plugins allow it of course …


Still, …
It would be handy to have a little sign in the name to show what version it is.
Sometimes the plugs are not available in both, 32 & 64 bits, and the size of the
project does matter, too, as already mentioned.

Maybe like xxx.npr64 and xxx.npr32

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Like marking the bottle of Whiskey in what glass you have consumed your last drink!?


Err… you still do use glases, Fredo?
A man in your condition should not waste his time to prepare smaller portions.

Graag gedaan…
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Yeah, to read the small prints in the newspaper.


For now the easy solution is to manually add _64 or _32 to the project name before the *.npr to remember. A popup from Nuendo on load in would be more appropriate, but this works too. A change in the suffix convention is probably not a good idea.

My plugin roster is different between my 32 and 64 bit versions. I use N32 for light and/or short projects and more experimental work, where all the boutique, weird, old and/or unstable 32-bit plugins are available. I use N64 for my complete projects, and the plugins available there are pretty tried and true. I need to open these projects in their associated versions of Nuendo.

BTW, the whiskey analogy isn’t relevant because to me it’s NOT the same bottle…

LOL :slight_smile:

Regarding the topic:

I am getting confuzzed sometimes as well - but manually adding info to the project name is the key.

For example if I am in 32bit and the project gets too big so I open in 64bit I first safe-as over there and add a _64bit.

In theory it is indeed completely irrelevant which version you used, 32 bit or 64bit, BUT - as said before - for example in 64bit some plugins are bridged and this can cause errors… For example before Waves went 64bit the jbridged version was not transfering the settings when going from 32bit to 64bit bridged - at least not completely. So here it matters.

These days it makes no difference BUT I am esotheric enough not to render mixdowns in 32bit when I mixed till the end in 64 bit or vice versa. I recently did - at 3 am and it felt like there was a esotheric difference in the sound of the final mixdown file, so I re-did in 64 bit just to be safe :wink:)) Fortunately I still had some Whisky left so it was not that painfull to realtime-mixdown 10 songs again that late in the night… And of course I used the same glass like I used during final mix. Just to be safe here.

And of course “size matters” - when mixing a project which eats up 6gb of Ram you can not open it in 32bit. If the project is of 1,5GB (average size over here) then it does not matter.