How can I tell which plug-ins are causing drop-outs/using mo

Apologies for stupid question that has probably been asked before.

I’m running Cubase 9 Pro though i7 6700 processor with 32gig RAM, fairly new system too! Anyway I’m gradually getting pretty efficient at all this and loving it. But I’m experimenting with a bunch of - mainly Waves - plug-ins, and my CPU is going through the roof.

I have the Butch Vig vocal (I hear is a CPU killer), RS-56 EQ, a trial REDD (not so keen) and was looking at the AR Reverb Plates (perhaps a trial - though I have heard that it is also a mega killer of CPU). I have the Gold Bundle which I use a few bits from, but wouldn’t consider what I use to be excessive.

Anyway, question is, is there a way of telling from each working plug-in, which ones are draining my CPU the most? Obviously my task manager tells me it is Cubase using up the power.

If it helps, I am running the H-comp omn a few single tracks and the stereo GTR toolrack on a few.

Advice appreciated.

All you can really do is watch the Cubase ASIO meter while disabling or adding plugs to see which ones push the meter up appreciably.

+1 for a per plugin CPU display!! This could also include the latency…


Studio One and REAPER have this and it is incredibly useful. I would LOOOOOOOOOOOVVVEEEE to see that in Cubase!!! :slight_smile:

And if it could also have an indicator for the rest of the system as well, i.e. indicate that the dropout was not caused by Cubase or a plugin, then we stand a better chance of stabilising our systems…