How can I trigger playback via MIDI

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How can I tell Nuendo to play (for example) from 00:01:00:00 and stop at 00:02:00:00 ? And then, how can I trigger this via MIDI ? Is this possible ?

I’m making a project for a big theater play. It’s a project with 14 outputs / different output setups …

So I have different blocks that should playback on cue … is this possible with Nuendo ? It’s the first time I try to do this through Nuendo because other applications cannot handle the output configuration I need for this particular theater project …

Thanks in advance …

Aloha B,

Would a ‘MIDI Start Event’ help?

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Thanks, and how can I implement this so Nuendo knows where to start and stop ?


This can be done with the arranger track.

You mean using a MIDI controller? If so, you can configure a Generic Remote device for the transport controls.

It is possible with some limitations. For example, there are no commands available to play a specific cue; the Arranger chain must be set up in advance, and you step through it sequentially forwards or in reverse.

Also, note there used to be a problem with how pauses and repeats were handled, it’s fixed now, but I don’t remember what version got the fix.

Thanks, the arranger track is a good solution … but … is it possible to cue the different sections via a MIDI controller ?


Afraid not natively, but you might try the following, if you don’t find it too limited or convoluted.

One limitation would be that if the PLE can’t find the name the of macro, such as if you rename or delete the arranger part, the macro will still play, since we don’t have if/then in macros or PLE.

Also you would need to test it to make sure it’s rock solid in performance. (obviously!)

Set the parts to 1 Repeat, and “Pause after Repeats”

Create Project Logical Presets to search for each Arranger Part, select them, play them:

Name | Equal |
Function: Select
Macro: Play Arranger Part

Create Macro called “Play Arranger Part”
Transport - Locate Selection
Transport - Start/Stop

The PLE preset will be available in the Generic Remote at Command>Process Project Logical Editor

This should play the section and then stop.