How can I uninstall & preferences to clean re-install Mac

My problem is, I was just about to start exploring the Midi control and went to the plugins tab on configuration and pointed the plugins to scan my Applications folder where most of my plugins are.
Now when I launch Connect Performer I see it begin scanning then it freezes and quits.

I’ve tried uninstalling and scanned every possible folder to find any preferences files - even removed receipts via terminal, but each time I re-install it starts to scan for plugins and freezes.

Any ideas how I can totally remove and re-install ?



it sounds that the “VST Connect Performer” has troubles with one (or more) of your Plug-Ins. The information about those plug-ins are stored here.
/Users//Library/Application Support/Steinberg/VST Connect Performer
You’ll find three files: “Vst2Folder.xml”, “Vst2PlugIns.xml” and “Vst3PlugIns.xml”. Please delete them, but before you do that: Can you please archieve the files and send them to me? A private message will do that.

Thank you,


Did Spork’s suggestion work?

I had this exact problem but got round it in a different way. I’m not sure if my way was the “correct” way but I was then able to stop VST connect from crashing on start up. Connect would scan the plugin folder but would always freeze & crash when it began scanning waves’ plugins. I followed this path: C/program files/common files/steinberg in there I found a waves.dll file. Once I removed that dll file, I found that VST connect now opens and runs. Obviously, my waves products are then unavailable for use from within VST Connect but at least it now opens. Try to see which plugin VST connect freezes on (for me it always froze whilst scanning Waves) & try moving that dll file.

PS: I didn’t delete the dll file, I just placed it in another location just in case I need it in future.