How can I update Cubase 8.5 to Cubase Pro 9?

How can I update Cubase 8.5 to Cubase Pro 9 ?
My songs data & other will be save in Cubase update process?

Your songs and data will be untouched. In fact, Cubase 8.5 will not be touched as they are completely separate installations.
Just go to the Steinberg shop. Make sure you buy the correct update for the license you currently own.

please guide me I want to update now, i’m waiting your reply.
I click no this red but it’s not update :
From there go to “shop” “software” then open your eyes an follow the advice onscreen

Thanks GOD now I purchase Cubase pro 9.
Ordering process has successfully been cleared but what I’m worried about is that the 1.8gb file is being downloading and if it disconnects then what should I do?

And when downloaded completely how will I install the updates? Please guide me in this regard

Hi, Cubase has successfully been upgraded to 9 and is activated but I am having problems with hypnotic Dance please look at picture.
Kindly i’m waiting for your reply.

1 ) Hypnotic Dance is works but it is given a lot of latency! Can anyone tell me why this is happening and how I can get rid of this problem? All other VSTI’s are working without any issues!

2 ) I have hardware keyboards like MOXF,PA3x etc and sice I have upgraded to Cubase 9 it is giving me Midi problems sometimes it changes the midi sounds , sometime 2 sounds simultaneously play in one channel so kindly help me sort these problems out I don’t know why this is happening.
I have just searched Google and seen that Cubase 9 has some compatibility issues please see pic attached and tell me what can be done.

I was this naive and upgraded, comes out Yosemite is not supported, only the newest osx.WTF? Now everyhting is unstable, ie. 8.5 crashes all the time. Like why? Not even 2 versions back support? I really can’t update stable hackintosh that easily every month. Really thinking on switching daws for this.

Don’t worry about the red Hypnotic Dance license. It is an expired demo license. You have a permanent license for Hypnotic Dance on the eLicenser also.
I can’t offer any help with the MIDI keyboards.

I was extreamely happy with stienberg because 20 years back I used cakewalk 9 and there were no end to problems with that it was just a nightmare using it! Then I was introduced to Cubase 5 and it was really amazing i felt I was in a new world and I have never looked back since then I became a loyal customer and bought cubase 8.5 and now 2 days back I upgraded to 9 pro, my feelings still haven’t changed towards steinberg it is a good upgrade :slight_smile: but I would like to request Steinberg to fix all the issues this upgrade is causing I don’t have time to discuss all issues on the forums day in day out.
Kindly steinberg team don’t let yourselves down please sort out all bugs and problems in this new upgrade and show your loyalty to your loyal customers!
Kindly please look at my previous post and ressolve my 2 major problems. Thanks.