How can i upgrade from Cubase Studio 5 to Cubase 7?

Hello everyone…

I am now running Cubase studio 5 and i am having lots of issues with running out of memory. I think its because its 32 bit. Would upgrading to Cubase 7 fix my problems? Is 7 64 bit?

Also where can i upgrade and how do it do it?

Many Thanks for your help in advance!

Yes, as is Cubase studio 5

In any shop that offers the upgrade. And you install it - I mean if you´re on Cubase studio 5 you must have installed some software already…

Hi Thanks! So Cubase 7 is 64 bit?

I have the installation disks of cubase studio 5 so i guess i would order from somewhere cubase 7 disks and do the upgrade without having to unistall studio 5 from my mac yes?

I been looking for links to upgrade online but i couldn’t find any… Can you please provide a link to buy it?

Thanks again!