How can I upgrade my Backbone license to Steinberg Licensing?

I’m read in the release note of Backbone 1.5 that it support the Steinberg Licensing. So how can I upgrade the license from e-licencer to Steinberg Licensing?

thank you.

You should see a “Vouchers” category on the left if you are logged in at Self-Service ( That provides a Download Access Code to redeem.



I used the voucher and activated it on Steinberg Licensing, but still when I try to open Backbone, it asks for the dongle. And now when I insert the dongle, it says the dongle doesn’t have a license.

So, how to re-acquire Backbone?

Hi there! Have you made sure that you updated all the relevant components?
Launching the Steinberg Download Assistant should take care of itself and the important Steinberg Activation Manager. If they are all up-to-date… okay… silly question… but have you updated Backbone to version 1.5 as well? Backbone not recognizing the license on the eLicenser (which has been modified) and not recognizing the license in Steinberg Activation Manager really sounds like a missing update somewhere in the chain.

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Thank you for your reply! Yep, I’ve updated all of these.

Not a silly question at all about updating to 1.5. :slight_smile: Best to make sure simple solutions have been tested. However this wasn’t the case this time.

Investigated further, and tried this: deleting Backbone from my custom VST instruments list, and putting it there again. This worked. Weird. But I’m happy now!

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BB seems to works great, easy transition process - waiting on Groove Agent ?!?!