How can I use my Waldorf Blofeld synthesizer in Cubase 6


I decided to produce my new song with Cubase 6, but I used to work with Logic 9.

As I am new with Cubase, I haven’t succeeded in playing Blofeld in Cubase. I use an Access Virus TI as a Midi controller.

This is my configuration:


  1. I linked Midi IN from the Blofeld to Midi Out from my soundcard (Motu Ultralite mk3), which means that I use the keyboard from the Virus to control the Blofeld.


  2. I linked Stereo Out from the Blofeld to my soundcard (Motu Ultralite mk3 → IN 5-6)

  3. The Virus TI is liked to my soundcard IN 3-4 and I can play the Waldorf using Virus keyboard

  4. both Virus and Blofeld are connected to my computer via usb.

Then I’m lost… I really don’t know how I can use my waldorf synth…

Can somebody help me and detail me the steps to get any sound in Cubase?

When I was using Logic, I had to create a midi track and create also an audio track. Then I had to link the audio track to my soundcard IN 5-6. So, I needed two tracks to play and listen to the Blofeld…

I’ve tried several thing in cubase, but I wasn’t able to find a solution…

Thank you for your help


just create a external instrument with 5/6 as input (F4 shortcut for vst connection) now in your plugin list you can see “external instrument” & the name you give for your external inst.
for more see manual page 238

Heya, I’ve got a Blofeld too (lovely little synth!) and it looks like you’re nearly there. In cubase you can create a miditrack and set the virus as input and the blofeld as output to get the midi signal through. Don’t forget to enable monitoring on this midi track while playing.

The audio routing should be fairly easy. Make sure that input 5-6 are on the input busses list in vst connections, if not add them. You can now add an audio track and set its input to input5-6 (or whatever name you gave to this input earlier.) to record any sound coming in.

As you can see, the setup mentioned above is quite the same as you had it in Logic. I’ve never used the external instrument functionality mentioned before because I like using the Blofeld editor vst for quickly finding midi CC for automation. Insert the blofeld vst on the instrument rack and select it as output for the midi track. In the editor you can now set the midi in and outputs of the blofeld and you can now control every parameter of the blofeld from your computer, which is easier for recording automation in my experience. If you don’t have the editor, it’s a free download (unofficial fan product btw). Google for softknobs blofeld editor.


thank you all for your help, that’s so kind of you!

I’ll have a try later and let you know if I succeed




Thank you so much! Finally I can hear and play this wonderful synth



Thanks for the tip… I downloaded it, but I’m a Mac user :frowning:

So I cannot use it. I found another Mac software, but the link is broken…

Thanks anyway :smiley:

Oh ok, I didn’t realise the plugin wouldn’t work for mac, sorry.
Glad you got it working though, post up some music in the ‘made with cubase’ forum :wink:

Hahaha I will!

I’m a producer-learner… I made my first track (electronic music, hardstyle) using Logic, but I worked Audio in Cubase 5 because it is terrible to work audio in Logic…

Then at the final stage, I had some trouble with exporting tracks, especially those from my Virus TI.

SO… I bought an upload to Cubase 6 and now I’m starting the next project in Cubase.

Then I can make a choice whether cubase or logic