How can I view the whole score in Cubase?

I’m currently using 40 tracks in my Cubase project. How can I view them all all at the same time, and how can I scroll down all the tracks in score during playback?
Richard Steed

First check that you’re in “Edit Mode” (“Page Mode” not checked in Scores menu)
When done, you won’t need the following…

I you want to work in Page Mode then try this :
Scores menu > Auto Layout
select Spread Page and click OK

And for the second question :
during playback,
in Page Mode click on any staff to center it vertically in the window.
in Edit Mode just scroll down or up !

… One should also add that, in Page Mode, the number of staves that can appear by default on a single page is dependant upon the chosen Page Size (in the Score Editor window, you’ll see a rectangle, encompassing what will be fitted onto the the current page size).

Also note, if you’re in edit view, Cubase attempts to keep selected staff in view.

Neither of you have a clue what I mean. Shortly I will post a link to a video demonstration I made using Camtasia studio.
Basically you’ll see that I have to continuously go back up to ‘Auto Scroll’ to press it after everytime I’ve scrolled down the page using the side bar to view other instruments scores during playback. Everytime I scroll down the page during play back, the auto scroll button goes off so I have to go back up to press it again to catch up with the score again in playback.

Cubase is jumping back to the selected track.

(Select staff gif included for clarity’s sake.)
select staff.gif

Please watch this video to see what the problem is [url[/url]

I think there’s something you missed in the given suggestions above.

Cubase always tries to keep the selected staff in view.

I watched your video.

first, when you try to scroll down using the scroll bar on the side, the Auto-Scroll option is deactivated. This is by design. And it switches on again on stop.
You should use your mouse scroll wheel instead.

Secondly, you always have your first staff selected.
You can’t even scroll using the scroll wheel of your mouse, because, again, Cubase wants to keep the first staff in view.

So, click on another staff, lower, and you can even scroll a little bit around the selected track, as long as it is visible.

The mouse wheel only lets me scroll down just before the first staff vanishes off the screen before the auto scroll button disappears.
I want to scroll up and down across 30 tracks.
It seems that Cubase wont allow me to do this and I am disgusted.

If that’s what it does on design then its a disgrace.
The video you saw is Mike Oldfield full version of Tubular Bells and eventually in the project I will want to scroll down across 35 tracks during playback.
It’s disgraceful that Steinberg wont allow the user to scroll down through 10 plus tracks during playback. I wanted to do this throughout the 25 minute long project playback as I screen record it like I did with the one above.

You are misunderstanding how this works

You must select a staff you want to have in view, for example by using the up and down arrow keys.

Selecting a staff doesn’t work! Using the wheel on the mouse still won’t scroll down the score. That is what I wanted to do, I didn’t just want to scroll down the page so that the track is still visible.I wanted to scroll down off the page so I can continuously move down vertically towards the 35th track in the score. And if the program doesn’t allow the user to do that then you should make that happen in Cubase 9.

It does actually work, I just tried it using the arrow keys to select the staff, and then using the mouse. The selected staff stays in view (or jumps into view) when auto-scroll is active.

Making an animation of a score via screen recording is probably beyond the scope of what it’s designed to do.

Hang on. Something is happening! I did scroll down to the 35th track in score edit before playback, click on the staff,started playback and it worked as I used the arrow keys. Is that what you mean?!

Indeed it is.

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