How can I work with Dorico while I listen Music on a player

A simple question.
While doing some Score-writing-work with Dorico I would like to listen at the same time some music with Windows Mediaplayer.

This is no problem with Cubase. But in Dorico I found no Audiosetting which allows me to let other Programs use my soundcard, while Dorico is open and active what means while I am working with Dorico.

I dont know if this, simply a matter of missing knowledge about the configuration settings, a bug, or a feature request. However any help would be great.

If you’re on Windows and you’re using the Generic Lower-Latency ASIO Driver, then open its control panel via Edit > Device Setup and make sure that the option forcing exclusive control of the audio hardware is unset. You should then be able to both play back in Dorico and hear audio from other applications at the same time.

Thats it. Thank You for your fast help.