How can i write drumline notes like this?

Swiss Drum

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In setup mode, Player’s card menu>Edit Percussion playing technique. Note that you can create multiple playing techniques for your percussion instrument, and you can choose whether they have to be on the line, above or under the line. So I guess this is absolutely feasible.


… and now, in Dorico 4.3, you can change how far above/below the line those notes appear, as in your example they’re a bit further than simply sitting above/below.


Here’s a little example I prepared recently for the SIRD Symposium in Portsmouth (where I gave a presentation about SMuFL), which uses these Swiss rudiments.

Arabi.dorico (452.1 KB)

Feel free to export the library from this project and then import the notehead styles into your own project.


Perfect, thank you guys!

I am just trying to get the finger position for the different beats to be in a certain position. Unfortunately, the numbers always appear on the note instead of on the page. Can you help me?
Bildschirmfoto 2023-08-08 um 12.51.09

You want the fingering to appear above or below the staff, rather than next to the note? It’s unusual that the fingering appears there for percussion instruments. What if you activate the Staff-relative position property in the Fingering group in the Properties panel and set it to Above or Below as you prefer?