How can Offline processing / DOP still be broken? (TAIL!)

Offline processing worked just fine in Cubase 9 , then it got wrecked in 9.5

Problem 1:

  1. Ctrl+Right click on a sound clip
  2. select plugiuns->reverb->Roomworks SE
  3. Set the tail to 1000 ms
  4. press “audition”

Cubase 9:
You hear the sound and the reverb tail.
Cubase 10:
You can no longer audition the tail. :frowning:

Problem 2:

  1. After rendering the previous reverb with a 1000ms tail and realizing that the tail was too short, try to increase the tail and press “Apply”

Cubase 9:
This wouldn’t be necessary, as you can audition the tail.

Cubase 10:
Nothing happens, after the first time you press apply, you cant change the tail.


The problem is, you have to set the Tail first and then add the plug-in or the process to the DOP.

But I agree, it’s not really user friendly.