How can the attributes for a patch be modified?

I’m using Padshop in Cubase 7.5. I am able to modify a patch and save it as a preset, but I can’t figure out how to change (or even view) the attributes of the new preset (i.e. Category, Sub-Category, Style, etc.). Is there a way?

If this can’t be done within Padshop, does anyone know of an external app or editor for modifying this kind of information? I’ve tried editing the MetaInfo section of the .vstpreset file in a text editor, but any changes I make don’t seem to have any effect inside Padshop.

Search for your preset in mediabay.
In media bay- bottom left button- click attribute inspector.

If you have Cubase, and like ggc said, take a look at MediaBay. Read all about it in the Cubase manual! :slight_smile: