How can we be informed of minor version updates?

WaveLab 10 still doesn’t seem to have an automatic “check for updates” feature. Further, Steinberg only seems to offer a general newsletter. How can we be informed of minor version updates such as important bug fixes that affect our work?

Check this forum on a daily basis.

or check the steinberg download manager…

I also have a Facebook group for WaveLab users which is not intended to be a replacement for the great support PG provides on this forum, but since many people are already on Facebook all day every day, for some people it’s a good way to be notified of new updates:

and the home page of steinberg.

Or Steinberg on Twitter.

Would be cool if there was a option for a email notification on released updates, but I have learned to just check on a weekly/monthly basis. Like today I randomly was looking at the Wavelab forums, usually hang out on Cubase forums.

Many programs have a update notification functionality. It would be nice for WaveLab to have such feature - just a notification for new minor versions, it doesn’t need to be an auto-updater. Suggestion applicable also to other Steinberg softwares.