How can we make a large print edition?

A student mentioned to me that she needs a large print version of a score. I’ve been searching all over and “RTFM” to no avail. So far I’ve found ways to change note size and staff size (e.g., Edit → Notations → Staff size), but that only makes the score unreadable because it doesn’t seem to affect the distance between the staves. Treble and bass clef staves then overlap.

Is there an easy way simply to make everything bigger, similar to “select all” and increasing the font size in Word, or scaling an image in Photoshop? It’s irrelevant if the music stretches to more pages—so-called “flows” are not important in this case. The music should take as much space as it needs; it just needs to be large and readable to people with some vision impairment. Thanks in advance.

Edit: I’m using Dorico Pro 4. (Love the major update!)

This is admittedly an external solution, but I’ve sometimes exported the PDF, then done “print to fit” in Acrobat. Works great if you don’t want to re-format anything.

PS: Of course “Space size” increase is the best solution inside the software itself. You need to make sure that your fonts are all set to Staff-relative, not Absolute.

Layout Options >Note Spacing > Space Size.
You could create a separate layout for this student and set a specific size to suit. Each layout can have different size options.

If you’ve got an hour to sit down, sip a cup of tea* (*other hot beverages are available) and watch a Discover Dorico session, this one covers all the necessary considerations for making music fit pages in all kinds of different ways:

Thank you, Lillie (and Dan and Janus)! With version 4 it’s high time I set aside the time to learn Dorico more thoroughly. Warming the teapot now…