How can you assign a specific endpoint configuration to a specific track?

Hello Community,

what I would like to do is to load a VSTi and select the appropriate patches in it and save this configuration.
At another time I’d like to assign these settings to a particular track in any project without affecting or changing the settings of the other tracks.
How can this be done?

I also have different patches for different instruments of the same type (e.g. flute 1, flute 2, flute 3).
How can I automatically assign the respective VSTi with the respective patch to the different tracks?

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You can do this with endpoint configurations and playback templates.

Hi Daniel,

I can do this as I wrote “without affecting or changing the settings of the other tracks”?
That’s news to me…
When I choose a playback template, the whole partiture is scanned by Dorico and all Settings of all tracks are adapted to the playback template,
not only the regarding track…

And how do you manage to load different VSTi’s/patches for different tracks of the same instrument-type?
When I select an orchestra preset with several flutists, the same VSTi with the same patch “flute” is loaded for every Flute-track…
How do I make sure that each track (flute 1, flute 2, …) gets his own VSTi-patch (flute 1, flute 2, …) ?

I would like to add another (related) question to this one: is it possible to select an endpoint configuration for one of the VSTis? You can save an end.conf from a VSTi, but I can’t find how to do the reverse.

This would, for example, allow for loading different strings libraries, or freely mix & match sound libraries in the same project. If one can save it, maybe they can also be loaded?


No, you can’t apply a single endpoint configuration; they can only be applied as part of an overall playback template, at least at the moment.

Thank you, Daniel. The reason why I think this is important is that being able to quickly assign a saved endpoint configuration to a VSTi would allow easy configuration when the playback template can’t solve ambiguity.

For example, I have Orchestral, Appassionata, Chamber, Dimension and Solo Strings in my template. When a playback template including separate endpoint configurations for the above libraries is recalled, it applies the right end.conf to the Solo Strings, but replicates the first end.conf for all the ensemble strings.

So, I can’t have at the same time, for example, Orchestral Strings for full section, and Chamber Strings for divisi. The only solution, in this case, is to manually reprogram all the routing for the end.conf. I also fear that all the playing and playback techniques included in the missing end.conf are missing.

Being able to assign an endpoint configuration to an existing VSTi would allow for immediate configuration of the missing library. Manual routing of some tracks would then be an easy task.

I hope that, since you can save an endpoint configuration from a VSTi, it is also easy to implement reloading it.


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Most VST players can save their own configuration files, which might be useful. There was a time when I used to keep Dorico’s instruments all pointing at a static set of channels, and I would load in various settings for ARIA Player, Kontact, HALion, etc, - directly in the Player.

Ben, the problem is not at the player level. I’ve my fixed configuration of instruments/libraries in VEPRO. But Dorico forces all the parameters on its side to the library in the first endpoint configuration of a certain type found in the playback template. So, you end up with the Violins for divisi configured for the same library you use for the full ensemble.

This means that you have to redo all the assignment of xmaps, and probably even recreate all the techniques for the library linked to the endpoint configuration that is not loaded, that the playback template would probably not load.

In the attaches images you can see my playback template and the VSTi rack with the various flavours of strings:

then, what happens to it after I apply my playback template:


Still on this issue: is there a reason why the endpoint configurations can be saved, but not individually loaded into a VSTi? At first, one could say that what can be saved can also be loaded in the same place.


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Yes, the reason is that this is not currently a feature of the software.