How can you not have a client download???


So I recently got a new PC without a DVD/CD-tray and I have also misplaced my installation disk.

I have my product registered at “My Steinberg” and I also have my activiation USB-stick. However it seems it is impossible to get the Cubase 6 client without having the disk? I can’t believe a company spends so much money to make a “my product”-account solution without giving customers the ability to download their products.

The only solution as I see it, is to download the Cubase 6 client illegaly through a torrent and then activating it legally with my USB-“eLicenser” (what a joke this is btw). Is this correct?

At least the software itself is good. :slight_smile:


Well, the system requirements do specify a DVD/ROM dual layer drive for boxed versions.
That being said, I have seen cases where users lost DVDs and support was able to provide them with downloads.

You don’t need to activate anything, just insert the dongle with your license and that should be it. Interestingly, there is a download for the Mac version trial of C6, but I don’t see PC indeed. Support should help you with this.

BTW, It’s not clever to have any illegal software from torrents; usually malware is added in the process of removing the protections… Not to mention the functional problems such software may have.

Steinberg will have a download available, if not publicly they’ll send you one if you contact support.