How can you set things up so opening the midi editor does NOT show the lower controller zone?

Is there any way to make it so that when you open the midi editor the lower controller zone does NOT appear. Currently it always shows and i have to close it every time?

In preferences:
Check Open Key editor in external window

I’ve looked everywhere in prefs and can’t see that option you mention? But I don’t see how that would help this?
Also, I don’t want to work in an external window anyway.

Create a controller lane preset that shows zero controllers and assign it a key command. This is the best option I have found after many years of working with Cubendo. I have 6 controller lane presets all assigned to key commands.

  1. Just Velocity
  2. Articulations and Modulation
  3. Modulation only
  4. Pitch Bend only
  5. Show None
  6. Show all used

Ah clever - thanks - it’s a shame there’s no quick preferences setting to ‘not show lane on open key editor’ or something like that, as this uses up precious keyboard commands, which I’m running out of, but it’s better than nothing

I went to prefs/editors/and checked “open editors (key) commands open editors in a (separate) window”, which is what I want. When I do the key command “command-opt-E” the editor still opens in the lower zone. Advice pls.

Solved. I found the following: go to" midi-open key editor", which I made a key command for. With the prefs set to “open editors (key) commands open editors in a (separate) window” I now get just that.