How can you solo/mute a single MIDI Channel from the Dorico Mixer?

Hi guys,
I have my setup configured such that the entire brass section is in one multi-rack instance of Konakt. I see now that The entire instance is flowing through a single instrument track in dorico and therefore I can’t solo/mute individual instruments. Is there a way to get the Dorico mixer to represent a given MIDI channel from a single rack instrument? My apologies if my explanation is not very good…

No, I don’t think so. There are MIDI faders, which send CC7 over the assigned channel, but that’s not really what you’re after. Ideally you would use a multi-output version of Kontakt and assign each channel to its own output, so that the audio faders in Dorico’s Mixer correspond to the outputs in your Kontakt instances.

Doesn’t Kontkt have a multi-channel output capability just like the Aria Multi-Player?

There are various available output configurations in Kontakt, like for example 16 x stereo. These should come into the Dorico mixer on separate faders/channels.

Thanks everybody, it looks like using multi-outputs in Kontakt is the way to go. I went ahead and set that up and now I have independent control of each track in the Dorico mixer.
Thanks :slight_smile: