How can you turn ALL automation down by a fixed amount?

Hi All,

I have 50 tracks and there is automation on most of them. Unfortunately I ended up with no headroom so I want to turn everything down by a few DBs. Is there a way to do this without having to open all automation in single tracks?!

Many thanks!

Enable Q-Link, select all tracks, enable Trim mode, enable Fill To Start and Fill To End, enable Write Automation. Now move any fader and all your volume automation will be adjusted throughout the track.

Alternatively (that’s the beauty of Cubase :wink: ), you can use the Project Logical Editor, something like this…
Trim Automation.jpg
This example will increase all selected Automation (whether for volume, or indeed for any other automatable parameter) by 10%. Save it as a Preset, and assign a Key Command to it.
To decrease by 10%, create another Project Logical Editor preset, but with “Divide by” instead of “Multiply by”.

One thing that is noticeably missing from the PLE, is “Add” and “Subtract”… to simply add/subtract, say, 1db to/from all selected nodes. But I’m sure you’ll find an appropriate value to multiply/divide by, to suit your needs (e.g. 1.0500) :wink:.

Thanks guys that looks good, I’ll try it out (both solutions)

Thanks, Fred… er… Vic. :smiley:

But yes, the ‘Add’, ‘Subtract’ feature is sorely needed. I’ve tried this technique and using ‘multiply’ usually requires several -guesses- to make subtle changes (although the o/p probably wants to do some broad change.) But it would sooooooooo much better to be able to simply say “-10db”.

Open the Pre(filters/gain/phase) rack at the top of the mix console, select all tracks and quick link, then lower the Pre gain level. Normally left at about -5 here to allow adequate headroom for multiple tracks and processing etc.

The problem with doing it this way is that it will affect the way the signal drives the input of any inserts especially compressors or other dynamics processing.

Are you running out of headroom on your main buss? Trimming down the pre-gain on just the main buss should help.

Are you running out of headroom on your main buss? Trimming down the pre-gain on just the main buss should help.

If it’s done on a completed mix then some individual tracks would need some tweaking of course but it’s a something arrived at a long time ago from the days of analogue tape and mixing. It was desirable to record a lot on the hot side to add saturation/coloration and help get rid of the noise floor but that’s not true in the digital domain.

Most vst’s, especially sample libraries as well as compression eq etc demonstrate widely differing output levels, Every time you add another track or process it’s going to multiply the buss output levels somewhat so setting the gain stage structure is quite important. It really helps to avoid the sort of problem encountered by the op as well as leaving enough headroom allowing lead lines, and vocals and harmonic dynamics to stand out naturally without being squashed to death with over compression on the master busses and output.

Of course every one works differently and will use different methology, having the luxury of saving multiple mixes allows for such experimentation but really, correct gain staging is essential for open, breathing mixes rich in dynamic content.

I can’t tell whether you’re agreeing or disagreeing with me.

I have a massive mix of 130 tracks and also need to turn everything down. These include pre send automation channels.
Wondering if an easy method got sortedd in this discussion?
Selecting tracks and groups in the link works well though doesn’t support the automation and pre sends. Maybe there’s something I’m missing?

Agree 100%.

Many people still record way too hot, following the analogue tradition. If you use 24-bit you can afford to leave plenty of headroom at the recording stage. Or if you have already recorded everything too hot then you’d be best adjusting all your pre gains to compensate, and you’d need to do this before you start adding effects.

There is no easy way out. Trying to compensate using the automation is not an ideal solution. But if you need to do it then Vic’s PLE preset above is the way to go.