How center music frames with instrument list textline?

How center music frames with instrument list textline? i mean
i have instrument list and some these need notation.(guide used noteheads,and used pitches). need instrument list and notation sample (bit wrong word maybe) centered with instrument name what they belong.
becouse using such Deskotop publishing tool this seems not easy. if not possible easily i used similar tools in Dorico Pro i feel they are even more simplier not suitable this kind complex design. then i maybe do instrument list and put note examples to these page but not part of this list. I talk Dorico Pro becouse i think this is at least Elements impossible and soon i can go Pro version.

Please, please, please use Google Translate. Your posts are unintelligible.

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I assume you want to achieve something similar to this?

For this you’ll need to either create a new master page (or do it on score with page overrides) and add and format new text and music frames (if your music examples are in form of flows) or graphic frames (if your music examples are in form of vector graphics).

It’s a bit tedious, but for me it pays off to do it inside of Dorico instead of going into a DTP.

Exactly like this.

Now i try google translate:
but finds that line where the music frame and text frame are centered. With my eyes really impossible to do it.

original text:

mutta kuinka löytää tuon linjan mihin musiikkikehys ja tekstikehys on keskitetty. Silmieni varassa todella mahdoton tehdä se.

Somehow music frame does not show here music earlier when i tried these tools showed. and i found moving frames wih Dorico is terrible when i used desktop publishjing tools.

translated: (i added missing word)
For some reason the music frame doesn’t show notes. It used to work when I earlier tried these tools. Which, when you get used to better ones, it’s not bad at all, really, you can’t adjust it with an eye full of pain for yourself. I’m now wondering how I would get it if I saved the sheet music snippets only in the vector format of the desired snippet without e.g. song name etc. texts. and how would I get them centered in the text in the folding program or do I do the work with the instruments listed separately and the examples as separate pictures on the side. It would be easier.

Jostain syystä musiikki kehys ei näytä nuotteja. Aiemmin toimi kun yritin näitä työkaluja. Jotka kun tottunut parempiin ei millään pahalla todella ankeat et silmällä säätäminen täyttä tuskaa itselle. Mietin nyt miten saisin jos tallentaisin nuottipätkiä talteen vain halutun pätkän vektori muodossa ilman esim. kappaleen nimi jne tekstejä. ja miten ne saisin taittoohjelamssa keskitettyä tekstiin vai teenkö tosiaan sen soittimet listattu erikseen ja esimerkit on erillisinä kuvina sivussa. Se olisi helpompaa.

Can you post an image (or scan) of what you want the page to look like?

via Google:
Voitko lähettää kuvan (tai skannata) siitä, miltä haluat sivun näyttävän?

You can’t center them with rulers or cross-hairs etc. and have to use the eye. You can see in my example that the text and music frames are at different heights. I tend do see what looks good, look at the values of the frames in the properties panel and apply the same relative position to all the other frames. Again, it’s currently a bit tedious to do in Dorico.

Is next impoissible with these eyes (they distort lot etc) and Dorico tools. and even more when text frame values are bright green background what does show well in paper colour. and music frame does not show music.