How close is the WL function to this:Ian Shepherd's Perception AB

Just wondering??? Here is more info: Perception AB: eliminate loudness "deception" (AAX, AU and VST) Seems like the only “real” difference is the “sync function” FWIW

It would be real nice to see Smart Bypass/Level Matching in the Audio Montage itself. Especially now that Reference Tracks exist.

A lot of people who like myself do not use Master Section processing ask me if it’s possible to do good level matching in the Audio Montage and I usually have to tell them that the Perception AB plugin is probably the best option right now.

I almost feel like Perception AB and level-matched plugin bypass do different things.

Obviously you can move the perception instances around if you need to…but one of them looks at the effect of a single processor, the other is better at dealing with reference tracks or bypassing the whole chain.

The plugins I have that do level-matched bypass don’t feel like they make Perception AB redundant, nor the other way around.

So, I’m with you. Having that as part of WL’s normal bypass button for all the effects slots (or, at a minimum, clip effects) would be great. But, I have no idea what it would take to actually implement it.