How come Cubase's interface becomes slower the larger the main window gets?

You can try this for yourself, scale down the main window to a tiny one, and the interface will become waaaay more responsive.
Especially those of us using large monitors will have a slower interface because of this.

No issue for me but, my guess it could be caused by a under-powered graphics card or a card that needs to have it’s preferences set to “Prefer Maximum Performance” when Cubase is active.

Would be nice if you provided some of your system details related to your concern.

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It has more pixels and items to handle if the window is bigger… It’s kind of like how increasing the resolution of a video game will decrease the framerate.

Hi Prock,

My graphics cards is an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 with 4095 MB memory. It’s not a very new card, but should be sufficient I like to think :smiley:

Same card as mine…
A few years ago I got into the habit of always having the latest Nvidia drivers installed. I aways do a clean install of the driver only (I’m not a gamer so none of the other stuff is necessary for me). Then I open the Nvidia settings control panel/manage 3d settings/program settings and add the Cubase.exe program and set the power management mode to “prefer maximum performance”.

For me, this procedure had eliminated all sorts of little things that bugged me. It even reduced audio lag when, for instance, changing track vsts etc.

I don’t remember ever seeing what you mentioned in your OP. Maybe this would help. If you try it please let us know if it helped. Thanks.

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Will do Prock, thanks!