How come curly brace for choir reduction?

Hello Dorico experts!

I wonder why when I create a choir reduction part it appears with piano bracket? I want to see it the right way. Can this bracket be changed?
Thanks for your time.

I’m sure other people will chime in with varying views, but in my opinion there’s nothing wrong with a curly Brace for reduced choir score. True, you’ll more often see a ‘square’ bracket in this situation, but that doesn’t mean it’s ‘right’ and the other is wrong. The curly Brace is used for a lot of things besides piano-- Violins I and II in orchestral scores, just to name one other example.

Yeah, but it’s quite wrong for me. As a choral conductor and arranger I want the choral score to look the right way. I’ve never seen any professional choral score where staves joined by piano brace.

My take is that the “reduction” is for a piano accompanist to accompany the (unaccompanied) singers at rehearsals. It’s not intended for the singers themselves.

But it’s in the ‘Singers’ sub-group and labelled as Choir, not Piano for Choir reduction. (you can see in on the attached screenshot).
And if you are right, how to make choir reduction staves with square brackets?

If it was intended as a rehearsal piano instrument, I guess it wouldn’t load with broken barline and vocal Halion sounds as default…

Very reasonable remark. And I would add, if it was a rehersal piano it wouldn’t be labelled as 'Choir", right? So, we have an issue here?

I will see whether we can change this for the next update, Lazaruss. I agree that using a square bracket is probably more conventional than a brace.

Perhaps the ability for the user to select the typo of bracket and sub-bracket in every situation would be helpful.

Of course, once you can edit instrument types it will be possible for you to make this choice, but, as I’ve said before, unfortunately building the full set of user interface needed to edit instrument types is not in scope for our next update.

Thanks for the reply, Daniel. I’m lots of users will be happy to see this update and features they used to have in other notation software. Thank you and all your colleagues for the great job you are guys doing.