How come I can no longer export an MP3 from my project onto my C: drive

It shows a yellow message that I need to save it on a valid area, or something like that, I’m not at my PC right now. I ended up saving it on another drive with no problem, but I’m very curious why Cubase decided to do this after a Windows reinstall. I’ve never had a problem before saving to my C: drive. Thanks.

Iirc, there used to be an issue with MP3 export that was related to your dongle. However it had nothing to do with particular drives. The option was simply grayed out. Do you have the latest eLicenser update installed and did a re-scan of that?

OMG I just realized that when I copied my Cubase settings from my old Windows (just installed a new Windows) it still had “Owner” for the Desktop. Now it is “SeanD”. Oops, how embarrassing :blush: :blush: :blush: .