How comes cubase hasn’t placed the fx plugins in the lower third with mixer sampler etc ?

It seems like a no brainer. And would be a work flow killer. Whenever you click on a track all the loaded fx automatically appear at the bottom without having to click them opened or closed evey single time. It would save SO much time .

Interesting you can see the Plugins in the Track properties on the Left side…
Each time you select a track…

with respect that has nothing to do with my post cheers


currently you only see ‘a link’ to the plugin fx on the side - which you have to click, then open, then resize, then place somewhere on your screen etc etc and that’s just for one plugin.

It makes sense to be able to click on a track which would open the lower zone, automatically shoings each of the cubase plugins there - all of them already opened and ready for tweaking - it saves many many many clicks when you add them up and speeds up workflow. Check out ableton live as an example.
It’s important to implement anything which speeds up workflows, especially if cubase wants to carry on competing with daws that are massively upping the ante.

Interesting idea. There would need to be some way to deal with plugs that have huge GUIs.


But why the lower zone? There are many different user types. Some with a laptop, others with multiple monitors of all kinds of sizes.
And what happens if you have a lot of VST inserts…so many that they don’t fit in that lower zone? Or as Raino said, look at the GUI sizes.

The way I address this, and it’s not optimal, but better than nothing is creating work spaces.

Create a workspace for every track that has several VST’s. Place and order the VST’s exactly where you want them. You are not limited by zones, only limited by the number of monitors. Name the workspace and save it. Next time you want all plugs of a particular track shown, open the workspace box, click on the name. If you have added a VST in the mix console, just open it while that workspace is open, place it where you wish, and press update workspace.

I find the principle idea a great addition (access to plugins in a track with a single click).

I must confess that I am one of the (maybe rare) users who really is NOT happy with the general “zones” concept of cubase. Reason: I have multiple screens and I cannot use micro-size items (iow too high resolutions) - there are far too many in Cubase already. So I prefer separate undockable windows that can be spread over multiple screens. Of course this can be implemented alongside the zone concept. For some things in the right zone and the lower zone this is implemented already (Control Room, Media Bay, VSTi-Rack…). Unfortunately it is NOT for e.g. accord pads … which is extremely sad (or have I missed something).

Cheers, Ernst

Absolutely. It would need some UI tweaking but it’s doable. All the plugins are placed side by side and if they are off screen because you have say five ina chain, you scroll along them. Also you should be able to also have them click to expand or collapse. So they are either all open or just the last one you were tweaking remains expanded. With the others collapsed ina vertical band formation. To keep things nice and tidy. Most cubase vsts aren’t that busy. And actually very basic in their UI. Multiband echo or panner I can’t remember the name but the new one is one of the bigger ones. Just expand the lower zone higher maybe or tweak the UI so it’s more horizontal on the lower zone than vertical if that makes sense. It’s all totally doable. And gives more options to people who don’t have multiple monitors. People who produce on laptops and while travelling etc etc

See workspaces don’t work. For me. They have very basic use because each of my songs is different requiring different instruments and setups. You’re constantly having to reshape your work areas all the time. It’s self defeating.

If you are an orchestral composer for example, maybe it’s different. Maybe if you use the same instruments every time. The same fx. Etc. Every song is similar then yes ok. but most people don’t and cubase prides itself on being evolutionary for people who use it in new ways all the time with all the new features and instruments it’s always bringing so to have to adapt your workspaces constantly defeats the purpose.

I wrote above in another comment about a clean way of implementing my suggestion.

Also regarding workspaces you need a multitude of shortcut keys for all the many spaces and then to remember them too. And I’ve literally maxed out all my shortcut keys both for single key presses and double. And even some triple (which I don’t like using for obvious reasons)

Well you do realize workspaces work on both a global level and a per project level right? Believe it or not each of my projects is different requiring totally different set ups. The drawback is the time spent in set up. This is why I said it’s not a great solution…more of a work around.

You do need a lot of key commands. But again, once set up it works. If you are out of key commands I strongly suggest using Metagrid or something similar that is totally customizable for your workflow. You will never again run out of key commands. It speeds workflow, plus enhances macros, PLE/LE presets. For myself, buying a old used iPad plus the $14 application made a world of improvements in workflow and speed.

Ultimately I agree with you in concept. I’m simply offering a solution that works with some effort…ie a work-around.

Meta grids a great shout. Thanks