How comes there are never any leaks about upcoming upgrades ?

… like when there are Apple hardware leaks or other companies ? Where we get rumours and clues about what’s going to be new in the next cubase version ?:slight_smile::hugs::roll_eyes::crazy_face:

A) The number of folks working on an Apple Product is probably an order of magnitude greater than Cubase i.e. there are fewer potential leakers
B) Steinberg runs a tight ship
C) Some “leaks” are part of the marketing plan

Yep that all makes sense. I just need a few tasty morsels of info to keep me going. I always get so excited the closer to update time it gets.

Steinberg NDA’s are to be taken very seriously.

Never? There have been leaks now and then that has been right. But I guess Steinberg have tracked down them and made fixed the leak. Steinberg is not that big operation and their external partners that is part of beta program is most likely also seeing the value that there is no leaks. And I dont think there is any business to leak, it is not like apple where you have a good income on have a site that exploits leaks. If it was like apple people would go bananas if there was rumours on the holy iDongle with a new colour.

If Steinberg hear of a leak , they track you down and you disappear :laughing: :laughing:

In the DAW world it’s a very competitive market and other companies have been known to release updates before the original company that has been working on the features , so i can understand that they are very secretive , i also enjoy the surprise

I for one am really looking forward to the new Mauve Dongle, and at $299 what a great deal.

Very good point. I don’t know about the P&L of the Steinberg division of Yamaha. I assume it was a stressed business when they were acquired by Yamaha. I also assume that Yamaha made this acquisition as part of a long-term plan, and viewed Steinberg as having strengths beyond what might appear in any particular quarter’s P&L

That is very “Japanese” way of looking at business. If these assumptions are at least somewhat true, this would reduce the incentive for Steinberg to “promise the moon” through pre-announcements.

Silence in advance of product releases should normally be considered a sign of strength and confidence.

I heard from a “reliable source” that Cubase 11 will feature a powerful AI program that will write our tracks for us! But the AI auto mixer won’t show up until 11.5… :frowning:

that. And also, people who sign them keep their word. Like raino says, when you discover info about an upcoming product it’s a strategic marketing play, you can fall for it or not.

Leaks=Sex tapes… “Ooops, oh my how did that happen” :roll_eyes:
Like apple? seriously? :joy:

Well, someone just leaked the beta program c11 manual, so now everybody knows

I’ve heard that, whereas competitors are only beginning to incorporate artificial intelligence (“AI”) into their products, Cubase 11 will go one further with new cutting-edge BHT* features!

The way it works is, about 16 bars into your new composition, a neural network will assess your musical skill, and if it fails to reach a certain standard, a new always-on-top window (with the ‘Close’ button greyed out) will open and display inspirational messages such as “For the love of all that is sacred, please STOP!”, “Please consider taking up woodwork instead” and my personal favourite, “It looks like you’re trying to make music, but I can’t be sure”.

*brutal honesty technology

Lol. That sounds awesome. I’m salivating already. Just need to wipe my chin

Well it turns out cubase 11 features were leaked and Im super stoked about some of the features coming they look like a lot of fun !

i have seen it too, the **** feature is very good and also the **** one, the new **** plugin seems cool :smiley:

Yup I’ve seen the c11 beta doc too. Only a couple things I’m really excited for. Rest of it… meh.

actually me too, but maybe there are features/improvements not mentioned there ?! hopefully :exclamation:


Everything in the manual is exactly where Steinberg have been needing to head and I’m very happy to see it - - - boring but useful and time saving work utilities. Very very excited about the next release, and am very happy about the direction they’ve taken… What Steinberg is doing with audio, is like what Adobe did with Premiere and Photoshop - boring utilities that speed up menial tasks = more time for creativity, jobs done quicker, money earned faster. It’s what made Adobe so successful and overtake Final Cut.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there is something in there for everybody. But the way that I use it, there isn’t a whole lot outside of general improvements and fixes. I would be specific but I almost surely would be banned :grinning: