How create white theme in Cubase 9.5 ?

Tell me please how i can create white theme for Cubase 9.5 ? It’s possible? I hate Dark themes and for me it not comfortable.

The color possibilities are currently intentionally limited to prevent you from picking colors that would make certain interface elements hard to see. If you need a brighter theme, I would recommend adjusting your monitor a bit. No computer monitor comes with perfect settings out of the box.

Thanks for answer. So sad. Maybe i can change anything for own risk? Tell me please if it’s possible

I need help with my theme in Cubase 9.5
I find how change colors, but i don’t know how change font color from white and invisible white on black on 1 and 2 step on screenshot
Maybe possible change all track colors by default how it see when you click on track (track 2 Instrument Track 01)?
What i need to edit?

I’m with you on that one.

Coming from Cubase 7, I find midi editing more difficult in Cubase 9.5 with the darker theme.

You can change the colours for the editors. Look at the colour options in preferences.

I was looking at the color preferences last week, I couldn’t find one that I liked. They are all on the dark side. I guess it’s preferable for dark studios. I’m always in a well lit area.

Would be nice to see Quick Default Color Schemes for previous versions of Cubase in preferences.

Go to Preferences\Custom Colors\Editor Area Background and change it for sweet color)

It is better, thanks.