How creating both midi & audio track from external synth

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As I’m knew into cubase (I was a Logic 9 user but decided to try Cubase), I request your help because the .pdf manual is not my favorite guide…

In another topic, I asked how I could use my blofeld synth in cubase (

With this technique I mainly use midi, which I don’t find great, because if I wanna add an insert effect on one track, all tracks (of my blofeld or virust ti) will get that effect.

In Logic, I could have both a midi file and an audio file for one track of my external synth. That was great because I always had the midi track as backup but I could also work and edit the audio file. Furthermore, I could add an insert effect on the audio track, which meant that not all tracks of the external synth will have this effect.

As it is always difficult to explain, especially not in my mother-tongue, I add a picture of Logic 9 where you can see what I meant…

Do you know if it is possible to do this in Cubase?

At the moment I use my Virus TI, but I’m obliged to bounce my midi track and then get back the audio in a new track which is quite boring… But this is the only way to add an insert effect in one track, because if I put the effect on the virus track, all 16 tracks will have this effect…

thanks for your help and I hope I could describe my problem so that you could understand what it is…



I am not exactly sure I understand what you’re trying to do.

See if this is right:

  1. You create a midi track.
  2. You use a midi keyboard to record midi data into this midi track.
  3. You use the midi track to control the hardware synth.
  4. You record the sound from your synth with your audio interface.


What exactly the problem is, I don’t really understand. If you record the synth part to audio, you can add inserts to that audio track fine. If you then want to record another synth part, create a new audio and midi track and repeat the process with those 2 tracks. You can now add different inserts on the other audio tracks so they don’t affect each other.

If you want both tracks to play from the synth simultaneously, you will need to have multiple outputs on the synth (blofeld doesn’t have them, don’t know about the virus.) and multiple inputs on your audio interface.

Yes, basically this is it…

of course I know the way you explained… but this is boring to do this: every time I have to bounce my midi track to get the audio file and then create an audio track and import the audio file. If this is what you mean by “record the synth part to audio”…

In logic I can both play midi and record in audio at the same time (see the picture), then I saved time…

anyway, thanks for your reply :smiley:

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Oh, but you can record midi and audio at the same time. So you play your keyboard, and if you put the midi track and the audio track on record enable, you can record both the midi and the audio while playing.
I usually record in midi first though, to correct playing mistakes before recording the audio.

Hi, thanks!

I could do that choosing the right bus for the audio track! It works well with the blofeld but I cannot do it with the Virus

have a lovely weekend