hi there , i been using Cubase for at least 8 years now , and i love everything about this amazing software , the only thing i always had issues was , using loops , i always felt that it is way off on timing and took so much work to align them and make them fit on my project ( i do TECHNO ) .
for a while now people used to ask me to move to Ableton , because it handle loops better .
so i did a test . i downloaded a demo of Ableton and rendered a loop . 1 in Cubase and the other one in Ableton .
I notice that Cubase loops raw timing are sometimes way off, while the the loops in Ableton seemed to sit perfectly.
looks like ableton give more coherence to the loops and it is easier to layer loops with out clashing or sounding unrythmical . this makes the workflow so much easier for people who works with loops .
so my question is this .
is Cubase going to have a similar feature where they will wrap the loops like ableton ?
are we going to have a REX player?

does anyone feel this way ? what u guys think ? bump!!!

I think the issue here is perhaps the understanding of your “problem”. I use Ableton Live (8&9), Sonar, Cubase and dabble with Reaper even.

One is able to trim and cut a loop, to loop perfectly in any one of these programs, but the way in which this happens differs from prgm to prgm.

Ableton’s strength is the simply way in which hit/warp points are generated and used. Cubase has many more points per section of audio and is more complex (visually).
One has to spend some time tweaking the warp points to achieve the same outcome as Ableton - however Cubase has a lot more flexibility, which may or may not be appreciated…