How d I make Bb part?

I mean, this is really silly. I have all my past music in Finale. When my wife asks for a Bb part for one of the Christmas songs I can make this in 2 minutes, flipping the switch and some minor adjustments.

Yesterday, two hours before the gig, she asks me to make a Bb part of her arrangement of Jingle Bells. Unfortunately, that was written in Dorico and in the two hours I could not figure out how to do it??? Poor tenor sax player had to transpose on sight.

I know how to transpose the notes but I want the chords, too.The only way for chords to transpose, I found, was every chord individually? Really?

Ok. Maybe creating a New Player and giving her a Tenor Sax. That sort of works when I turn on Transposed View - but the chords are still not changed? How do people write big band charts in Dorico?

I really like the program more and more. But this stumps me.

Peter, are you using the system track? It grabs everything and allows you to transpose it in one shot. It selects all elements, including chord symbols. Then when you transpose globally (Write–Transpose), the chord symbols follow.

I would like to see the default behavior for transposing automatically include chord symbols, which makes more sense… if you’re shifting the tonal center, you probably want the chord symbols to change accordingly.

Isn’t it simply a matter of creating a new player, tenor saxophone, and then copy/paste the music from which ever part you want the ten.sax to play? That takes care of chord transpositions for me.

Or am I missing something?

It should indeed be this simple, I had the same experience as you for alto sax.

Like so often, after I posted my question here, I got it to work.

  • discovered the View Concert/Transposed toggle

  • discovered that if the score has no key signature so will the transposition and if I add a key signature (if only a “C”) the transposition got “D”

  • somehow, in the transposition the (printed) chords had disappeared - blue boxes only and after some fiddling they were restored in transposed form. I don’t know exactly what I did.

I swear I read the relevant sections of the documentation up and down and could not find how to do this which led me to believe that it is probably automatic.

The easiest way of all would be to go to Setup mode, find the instrument, then open the player’s card so that you can see the little instrument label that correspnonds to the E flat instrument, and choose Change Instrument, then choose the B flat instrument. That will transform that player from the previous E flat instrument to the desired B flat instrument. Simply switch to that paert and then print. Don’t save the project – simply close it without saving – if you don’t want to preserve the changes.


I normally use the method Daniel mentioned, but just now wanted I wanted to get Bb transpositions for a Bruckner Symphony which is written for Trumpets in F. A problem I had was that I had the trumpet cues set up (eg cues for 1st and 3rd trumpet in the 2nd part). Changing the instruments from trumpet in F to trumpet in Bb ended up with me losing the trumpet cues. Anyone know of a way to proceed without losing the cues?


OK - so the easy solution to my problem was to print the three trumpet parts one at a time, reverting back to the original scored trumpets in between. Sometimes things seem easier the next day! (Although my trumpet 3 cues are now appearing as trumpet 2 cues in the trumpet 2 part, so a couple more steps still needed.)

Geoff, I couldn’t quite follow what you wrote in your previous post about the cues in your part after you changed instrument, I’m sorry to say. If there’s something here you’d like me to look into further, can you cook up a simple example that demonstrates the problem and attach it here with steps to reproduce it, or email it to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de? Thanks!

A followup question: I often like to give musicians transposed versions of the score for their reference. Is there an easy way to do that to the whole score, without creating a fuss of undo’s?

matanr, do you mean a transposed score as opposed to a Concert © score? That’s found in the context menu (Edit)—Transposed Pitch.

You could even create a second full score layout and set that one to be in transposed pitch, so that you leave your existing concert pitch score untouched.

Hi Danilel,
What you describe is exactly what I am after. I have had problems doing that. Is there a help file or video tutorial?
Many thanks for the attention by the way!

Setup mode, right panel. Click the icon at the bottom to create a score layout.

What a layout is selected, you can check or uncheck players on the left to decide which ones are included in that layout.

Hi Dan,
Thanks for writing.I have actually gotten that far. What I need is the ability to transpose every instrument in the new score layout to the key of my transposing instruments (i.e., move the entire score to a Bb transposition key) without affecting the original score. Is that possible?

No, not without actually transposing the whole thing, printing or exporting as PDF, then hitting “undo.”