How deactivate mapping of hardware switches from midi keyboard @ VST LIVE?

Dear VST-Team,

I am using VST live on stage in combination with a midi keyboard Nectar Impact LX88+.

On my midi keyboard there are multiple ways to change configurations via hardware switches on the midi keyboard.
I realized that VST LIVE automatically is suppoting basic changes via hardware keys.

E.g. there is a volume switch on my keyboard.
In case that I am changing this switch automatically the volume of all VST instruments is changed within the VST-instruments.

I realized that this single hardware switch is automatically connected with the volume for all and each included VST instruments (piano, string, organ, bass, etc.):

From my point of view this not really make sense and includes a potential risk for live performance were maybe changes are done by accident.

Normally I am not volume settings are configured before a gig not not during a gig (we are playing cover music with multiple VST instruments (e.g. Abba songs). Therefor all my keyboard VST volums are pre-aligned with other musicians and not need to be particularly changed within a gig.

Please can you help me to identify how I can deactivate that this hardware keys are deactivated and not changing my VST live configuration?

Below please find screenshots of my “Action + Shortcuts”-Menu:

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

Kind regards

… open the MIDI Monitor (Menu / Devices / MIDI Monitor…) and select your MIDI Keyboard. Find out which MIDI event will be sent. Found it? Now go back to your Layer and open the Controller Map.

Screenshot 2024-01-07 at 22.28.51

Find your MIDI-CC event and block it.

Does it help?

That will most probably cc# 7 (Main Volume). That is what your fader sends to the MIDI Input of the Layer, which propagates it to the Instrument. Pretty much all Instruments, physical or plugin, will then adjust their volume accordingly.

So as Micha already pointed out, block cc#7 in the Layer Controller Map.

You can still program actions to react to this controller and assign it to whatever function desired. For instance, you can route all of your Instruments (plugins) outputs to a Group channel, and control the volume of that Group Channel with your fader (use the Learn function in “devices/actions and shortcuts/channels”).

Dear Musicullum & Michael, thanks for your fast and helpful support, which is quite helpful for you. In my last software I created overall volume groups for similar sound families (like strings, pads, organ, piano, lead, etc.) and connected them to dedicated hardware controlers on my midi keyboard and then I assigned each vst instrument to each instrument volume group. This was quite helpful because in such a case I was able to change volume of a piano sound for each song by using a hardware controller. This is very easy helpful if you playing a gig and much easier then to klick with your mouse and keyboard to open a VST instrument and chang in the software.

I will try to figure out if / how I can realize it within VST live but I am happy optimistic to become a good volume control which maybe can help me as well in live situations to do volume fine tuning :-).