How did I add insert and equalizer

I started instrument track and choose “Embracer: Palm Bells”
Afterwards I realized that automatically inserts and equalizer was added … sounds very nice :astonished:
The track is automatically called “chord-e-motions”
How did this happen?
I tried to find out, but didn’t succeed. Hopefully you can help here.
Thanks for help !
Big Bear

I’d imagine you’ve used a track preset?

Thanks ! but how did I do this ? :blush:

When you did the Add Track > Instrument, you probably had “Browse” selected? Was the window when you did Add Track a little, not very tall one with only the option to pick the number of tracks and a VST Instrument, or a big one with lots of options?

YES !!! :smiley:
I did “Browse” and chose out of a big number of options.
Thanks a lot :wink: