How did I break it?

I don’t know how I have managed to break this so easily!

I have dragged my transport panel too far down and now I cannot get to it.
How do I get it back?

May be you can see a scroll bar at the right hand side of your screen?

Failing what Winter Rat said… If you are on Windows, and running Cubase 8 Pro, try alt-tab to cycle through your windows, then close it, close Cubase, then re-open, press F2 - might work.

Thanks both for your suggestions.
I managed to solve it by connecting a monitor with a higher resolution. This allowed me to find the transport bar right at the bottom.

Ha, the old screen resolution thang… most everyone these days has giant monitors that sit at one resolution all their lives, forgot about that one. Good stuff.

I was going to mention it, but thought everyone knows to just change to a higher resolution, guess not !

This is where I liked the old CRT monitors, you could adjust to a higher resolution, but with an LCD, if you’re using the native resolution, you’re kinda hooped and “man”_in_uk" figured the right solution.