How did I get into this situation?

I’m transcribing a piece for 2 oboes and piano. I was entering dynamics and hairpins to the oboes. All was going well until I noticed I made an error with one of the dynamics in oboe 1 so I deleted it. The dynamic in oboe 2 was deleted as well. The same with the hairpins. After both were deleted, I selected the measures in oboe 1 and started re-entering the dynamics. As I entered them in oboe 1 they we’re being entered in oboe 2 as well. I selected all the dynamics, right clicked and selected “Dynamics-Ungroup”. This didn’t work. I had to delete all the dynamics and re-ener them. How did I get into this situation?

If you copy and paste dynamics from one staff to another, if the dynamics end up at the same rhythmic positions as dynamics in the source staff, Dorico groups them together. At the moment, there’s no visual feedback to tell you that this has happened, and the commands to group and ungroup dynamics that you find in Edit > Dynamics are not implemented in Dorico 1.0.30 – it was an error that they remained in the menus for the release, for which I apologise.

The forthcoming update will improve this situation in several ways: you will be able to see visually which dynamics are grouped together; and the commands to group and indeed ungroup dynamics will actually work as the menus suggest they already do.

I was very confused, thanks for elaborating