How difficult is it to progam WL so we can have controls over effects?

One of the most asked for refinements to WL is the ability to have control (parameter and level) over plug ins when the file is played back or rendered. I see requests for this dating back at least 6 years. Is this just a completely out of bounds request or is this a programming nightmare? I am wondering why programs like Reaper can have this feature but not WL? I am not a programmer nor do I play one on TV but if someone has already included this is a program it cannot be something that is unattainable. And if that could be controlled by a midi controller it would REALLY be great.

Today a lot of recordings are not done in a studio with a professional engineer as they were in the past and it would be great to be able to control plugins as the files were played back or rendered. Thanks in advance for any insight into this long needed refinement.

What kind of control do you mean? For example, WaveLab has the option to record what is being played back, which means that anything you do on the plugins while you record, is recorded.

I think he just found a complicated way to ask for plugin parameter automation which I know is on your radar. Right now we can only automate the blending of effects on a clip, but it would be since to automate things like EQ changes, limiter threshold changes, etc. within a song.

I’m also curious where MIDI is at for WaveLab. Until now, I didn’t care about MIDI but a new hardware insert switcher I ordered has the ability to change inserts from MIDI CC commands and I’m wondering if WaveLab will be able to talk to it.

I have been searching for a reliable controller for a while now as well.

I have been with WL since version 1.6.2 so I know what WL can do. What I was asking for is to be able to do plugin parameter automation. We just had a project where we needed to do a lot of plugin automation and instead of being able to do that in WL I had to use Reaper. This request has been in discussion for the past six years. I just don’t know how complicated it is to do and why it has never been implemented. I personally think you are the best programmer in the business I just don’t understand why this request is so hard to implement. Thanks in advance for any insights.

To be able to do the automation via an external MIDI controller would be GREAT.

Yes, it is not easy. That does not mean this is too difficult to be done either. This is just a matter of selecting development priorities.