How do .CPR and .trackpresets embed personal information?

Hi guys, I’m really hoping a Steinberg Tech could answer this for me.

Do .CPR and .TrackPreset files store sensitive information (such as product serials) inside the file format? I want to start providing library media bay track templates and pre-configured .cpr files but DO NOT want to leak any personal data which could be reverse engineered.

As far as I know they would not, as there is no reason to do that.

To be assured of receiving an accurate response to this, contact support directly. You are concerned about security, this is an open public forum where people might say anything!

Well, I have dropped them an email. But sometimes library developers float around on these forums too, possibly could chime in with some info.


Yet to have an email response from Steinberg about this. Pretty please guys. With a cherry on top! :smiley: