How do get tokens to show in Parts

I have added some information to the upper first page of my Score, using the handy tokens which point to items in Project Info. Things like Dedication, Copyist, Artist, etc. But these don’t show in the parts. How can I get them to show in the parts?

Sorry if it’s a basic question, I haven’t had to work with parts very much in the past.
Dorico 3.5 Win.

If tokens do not show in your parts, the first thing to check is what Page Template (Master Page) you are using for the parts (you would want First rather than Default for the first page of each assigned in the part Layout Options) and whether that has been changed or whether you have done something to cause a Page Override by making changes directly in the first pages of your parts layouts. (Page overrides would show a red triangle in the upper corner of the page icons in the right panel of Engrave Mode.)

By default, score layouts use a different page template set to part layouts. You’ll need to add the tokens to the relevant templates in the Default Part page template set as well as the Default Full Score set.

Thank you @Derrek and @Lillie_Harris.
I removed the Page Overides in the Default Part Master Page, and all is well. Thanks for drawing my attention to those red dots, I had no idea what they meant.

When starting to work with Dorico, the importance of Master Pages is not entirely clear. Because, once you’ve understood the concept of Tokens, it’s very easy to add them directly to the score, by-passing the Master Page completely. And for lots of simple things, that works fine.
But I’m now realizing that Master Pages are often more important.

Thanks again.

Another thing to be wary of when setting up Master Pages is to always Copy Page Layout L<>R. Perhaps this should be an automatic setting unless you specifically don’t want it…?

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Copy L<>R will make a mess of left and right justified page number tokens. I wouldn’t want that to happen automatically.

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There’s a special justification to apply to {@page@} token. You can find it in Paragraph style : outside edge. No matter where the token is, you can justify the page number how you need it.

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Sure. It’s a bit of a pain if you want your page number in the outer corner and something else (like the layout name or the project title) in the centre of the header. It’s perfectly achievable by having two full width text frames superimposed, but that makes it to hard to edit the content of either frame. I think for that reason the factory templates use separate frames for page numbers on left and right page templates.