how do I access midi control features of a vst effect plugin


I have a “amplitube” amp simulator vst plugin and I need to be able to control the various levels and patches with midi

the amplitube manual says when using it as a vst plugin, to see your daw (ie cubase) manual to access the controls via midi

I am using a virtual “real strat” guitar vst instrument and play it live with a keytar midi controller, I have put the amp simulator in the effects insert and it sounds great. freaks my guitar player out

I need to get midi to the amp simulator plug in so I can change patches and levels.

Looked in manual could not find anything for controlling audio effects by midi

I can control the midi vst instruments that is easy.


I just figured it oter I posted

I just created a new midi track and selected as the output in the dropdown (the very last option) which was the insert effect (amplitube)

I simply went to amplitube plug in and right clicked on the knob I wanted to control and changed the knob on my midi controller and It worked perfectly

Now I can control my amplitube amp simulator with my roland AX1 keytar when I play live