How do I access my Yamaha Electone D85 samples?

Hi all

I originally sent this to the Cubase forum. It was politely suggested that this is where my question belongs…

Having begun my musical journey 50+ years ago playing a Yamaha Electone organ, I was delighted to find that the voices of the ‘top-of the-range’ D85 of that period had been sampled and had been made available (currently at half price) for use with Halion. … ctone-d85/

I have downloaded and unzipped the files, but am at a loss as how to access them in Halion 6. Can anybody help, preferably in a language that I can understand?

Many thanks

Hi Keith,

It depends. If the library is delivered as a vstsound then just double click the vstsound file to register it.

If you have samples and possibly some presets then just drag and drop one of the vstpreset files into Halion slot rack to load the preset. I think you should be able to add the presets to Halion by drag and drop into Halion media bay.

Or you can use the samples only and create your own presets.