How do i access the vst instruments from the new mixer?

I searched but couldn´t find a solution to this. In previous versions you could click on one button on the top of the mixer to bring up a vst instrument, i can´t find this function with the new mixer. Help please :slight_smile:

doesn’t the manual tell you ?


Aloha k,

On the strip/rail there is a lil ‘e’ button.
(directly under the ‘solo’ button)

1-Clik and hold on it.
2-Option clik (on Mac here) on it.


AHA!!! Thanks a lot :smiley: that´s a nice feature!

so it doesn’t tell you on page 187 then ?

No not in my operation manual…on page 187 it says about stereo pan law and using solo and mute. But instead of being a smartarse why didn´t you try to help out right away?

you can’t beat a good manual to read before bed time :wink:

page 187 section 8 which spills over to page 188 smarty pants it’s there in the elements manual in plan English

And i started off by saying that i had searched but not found a solution to this, and still with your not-so-brilliant advice about looking up page 187 can i find it there

I have the pdf manual, nothing there on page 187 which spills over to page 188 about this

Just to chime in (again)

I see nothing about:

How do i access the vst instruments from the new mixer?

on either page 187 or page 188 in the ‘Operation Manual’.

Just read twice thru those pages and nada.

And why are we going thru this?

K now has the needed info requested.
‘Whoomp dare it is’.

Yeah not really sure why i bothered replying, you provided the answer straight up Curteye, thanks again!

253 section 8 in c7 , 187 -188 in elements and the basic fact is the information is in the manual even thou you said it wasn’t and seeing that you never mentioned what version you were using are we meant to play a guessing game , try making a signature :wink:

I now perceive.

a C7 manual/C7 Elements manual difference.

On with the show this is it!

my bad :wink:
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My god what a hideous creature you are! Take it easy :slight_smile: In my pdf Operation Manual there is no such thing on pages 187-188…

I said i couldn´t find the info in the manual, i don´t doubt that it´s there, but after searching i couldn´t find it. Still can´t…That´s why i started a topic here…hoping to get some helpful answers from nice people, not some mister-know-it-all-comments by someone who obviously has a need to prove themselves by trying to knock others down.

page 253 if you look , it’s there in plain English ,unless your version of pdf is special :wink: v

I took your word for it when you first posted:

so it doesn’t tell you on page 187 then ?


Yeah, what i meant was that i still couldn´t find it on pages 187-188 where you told me to look. You get annoyed by people asking questions without reading every word of a new operation manual, i get annoyed by people giving me the wrong info about where to look for the answers, and at the same time being patronising…