How do I achieve this result in notation?

In this measure there are two separate voices however on the second beat the notes are not aligned. Except it appears the upper voice is offset by a certain amount maybe as a result of the grace note. I’m not entirely sure but I am trying to figure out how to do this because the default is that they will be aligned. Is there a way to achieve this look in the dorico software?

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Does this help?

It does, but as far as the grace note goes does it have to be ajusted manually via the note spacing tool in engrave mode? It looks like it not changing even with the index changed.

Is this what you want - to sound like the first bar, and look like the second bar.
The last two notes in the second bar don’t play back in the right octave, but it seems to look like you want it.


Untitled Project 1.dorico (507.5 KB)

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Yes that’s right. I’m using the note editor to work with other issues as well and has been working so far.

As a pianist, I would rather have the first bar than the second, as I can see at a glance the jump I would need to make. But you might have your reasons…



Have you considered the possibility this might be a misprint in the original?

That initial quarter rest should have appeared over the second beat, not the first.

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I doubt it was a misprint; I think the half note G was separated horizontally to clarify that it’s not also 8va sopra – which I don’t think is necessary, as it’s obviously tied. David’s solutions are good.

(John, it’s 4/4, not 5/4.)

@Mark_Johnson, you’re right. I misread the measure. @David_Woodcock has the correct solution. And I agree with him that the first way is much better to read than the second or others may misread it as I did.