How do i add new categories to Preset list?

Hi there,

How can i add new categories to the presets i am creating?

I m asking bc the included categories have 99% nothing to do with what i am doing, and i want to have the clearest way of working with Presets

I have found that the best way to manage Track Presets is to bypass Steinberg’s horrible “Mediabay” interface and just use Windows Explorer.

Assuming you’re on Windows, you can find the Track Presets folder in:

C:\Users[username]\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Track Presets

From there, you can organize and categorize all you want by merely putting things in folders.

The real trick is figuring out how to access your presets once you’re back in Cubase. The way I do it, I just right-click to “Add Track Using Preset” in the project window. Then the hideous Mediabay thing opens and you’re confronted with huge amounts of crap you will probably never use and lots of incomprehensible little symbols you will probably never memorize. But all the way down at the bottom of the so-called “Location Tree” is the “User Content” folder.(If you don’t see the “Location Tree”, you have to turn it on with the little button in the bottom left corner.)

Inside the User Content folder is the Track Presets folder and that is where you store and retrieve all your custom presets.

Most people don’t even use Track Presets, probably because when they first started to mess with them, they were confronted by this unbelievably terrible interface filled with worthless presets that you can’t even remove.

But Track Presets are the best. And, you can even store multiple instrument presets at once. So, for example, I have a Multi Track Preset for Cello Ens Longs (as well as shorts etc). If I want to add a Cello legato part, but I’m not sure which library I want to use, I load my MTP for Cello Longs and start auditioning them easily without having to interface with Kontakt or whatever VSTi it is.

I also disabled all those tracks before I saved the MTP, so when I proceed to add 18 different Cello Long patches into my project, it won’t hit the memory load too much.

This is an awesome way to work and the primary reason I still use Cubase.

Thank you

Found something after following your steps that may help you too

After adding a new Family Name, it will become a “Category” that u can select from the drop down ( for any new instruments either when saving or locatinc )