How do I add notes to make a piano chord?


Can any one help please.

Using a mouse ( or a wacom pen )

I want to add notes to make a chord for a piano part.

And for something that I would assume to be so simple - I haven’t found an obvious solution

I bar

I have a C note that last for a whole bar
I want to add the notes A and F underneath for the same duration ( to make a simple F chord )

I would like to use the mouse to simply add these underneath

But I must be missing the most obvious of obvious commands for this.
( And yes I have searched the forum but not found the answer yet)

Please see attached.

And thank you in advance.


Found the solution.

Having watched the ‘basic’ tutorials - and searching the forum - I found several convoluted solutions.

Attached is the what I was looking for.

The add intervals popover is fairly straightforward to use. With the input caret active as in your first image, Shift-I, “-3,-5” would have given you the A and F you wanted.

Hi FredGUnn - I really appreciate your reply.

For me at this time, the interval popover is just too unintuitive when using a pen, however I see it could work really well if using the computer keyboard to input notes.

Fortunately - the chords icon button worked a treat for my situation.

Good to have both options.

I’m new to Dorico, so I’m sure I’ll have a few more really obvious questions in the next few days until I become familiar with the work flow.

However, Dorico does make a great job of presenting music.
The results are very readable.

Thank you again.

Dear Dave,
You probably noticed it while hovering the mouse over that chord button (also known as qord button) : you can toggle it with q letter, which makes it faster, even with mouse notation.

Thank you Marc

‘q’ is the thing for quick chords.