How do I add presets for MultiTap Delay to cubase? Mac osx

Hi. I am trying to add some presets that I got to MultiTap Delay. Any help appreciated.

If you are on a MAC, this is the path where you need to copy the MultiTap presets.

/Users/alin/Library/Audio/Presets/Steinberg Media Technologies/MultiTap Delay
(you need to replace “alin” with your user name)

I did’t know I had to add Steinberg Media Technologies and MuliTap Delay folders manually, but that did the trick. Thanks a lot

Well, I don’t think you need to. But if you didn’t have these folders you must’ve looked in the wrong place. Use this utility to navigate to the path I included in my previous reply (and make sure you replace “alin” with your user name).

I did not have them. It seems maybe Cubase is missing some permissions on my system. I cannot create presets for any of my plugins except MultiTap which I made a folder for.

Have you tried the “Go to Folder…” utility?

Yes I tried.

Try this:

  1. Navigate to the path;
  2. Hit CMD+Up arrow.

Do you see any other folders? (other than MultiTap)

I see only the folders I made manually ( Steinberg Media Technologies/MultiTap Delay). But in the presets folder I also have a folder for Plugin Alliance.

This is the case where a video could better help. If you know how to make one, do the following:

  1. Start recording (the video).
  2. Open the “Go to Folder…” (Finder/Go/Go to Folder) utility, paste the path, then hit ok.
  3. Hit CMD+Up arrow.
  4. Stop the recording (of the video).
  5. Post the video

A couple more questions (if you don’t mind aswering):
→ What OS do you have? Mojave, Catalina, Big Sur?
→ What Cubase do you have? 10.5.30? Pro?

Apparently I’m not allowed to post links/videos. But it goes to the location, then CMD+up and it goes one up to /Users/tomh/Library/Audio/Presets/Steinberg Media Technologies
In this folder I have Groove Agent SE and MultiTap Delay. Nothing else.

I use the cubase Pro on High Sierra

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I installed Cubase om my Macbook Pro with Catalina. As I installed, the Steinberg folder got created in the presets folder. Now as I open a plugin and press save preset, a folder for that plugin is created instantly inside the Steinberg folder. This is not the case on my High Sierra.

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