How do I add the onboard audio driver from my laptop


I’m using Cubase 9.5 (Windows 10) with the Steinberg UR44 - and in the VST Audio System dropdown it is there and working. However, there is no other driver in the dropdown list. I’d like to also use Cubase to go through some of the online tutorials and learn how to use the various features. But if I’m not plugged into the UR44 I have no sound on my Dell Inspiron 7359 laptop which uses Conexant SmartAudio HD. I’d like to be able to choose between using the external UR44 or the internal sound on my laptop. Do I need to download another ASIO driver? If so, can you provide a link to the one I choose use?


Thank you the ASIO driver works. But now when I launch Cubase it automatically turns off my Conexant SmartAudio HD driver - so I can’t watch a video on YouTube and play tracks on Cubase at the same time. Is there a way to fix this?

Perhaps the “Release audio driver in the background” option in the VST Audio System page might help? It is there so that Cubase doesn’t exclude other applications from using the audio output.

That did it. Working perfectly now. Thanks so much for your help.