How do I add tie to 2nd ending?

I’m making a lead sheet for Autumn Leaves. How do I tie the note in bar 5 to both the first and second ending? Attached are pics of what I have and what the fake book lead sheet does that I want to copy.
Screen Shot 2020-02-18 at 1.07.54 PM.png

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You would click on that note to select it, and from the properties panel, toggle on the LV tie. Then in Engrave mode, click on the slur to modify it by dragging.

Pro tip: when you grab the outermost handle to drag it, hold down Alt.

To be clear-this will work for print, but will not properly play back the tie, correct?

Correct. It’s a workaround.

Got it. Thanks guys!

Actually, the pro-tip with alt to drag without changing the slope does work with slurs. With ties, it’s useless — the behavior is already this conservative one, simply dragging. I discovered this last month :wink:

I had a problem here where I couldn’t use the LV tie since the note was tied again …

I found this solution/workaround by using shift-X and pasting in the SMUFL lyricsElision, using Bravura text and increasing it’s size. Then moved it into position in Engrave mode. Of course it doesn’t affect playback but it prints OK.

In that case, add another whole note in second voice, set column indexes to 0, and add the LV to that note.

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Not to be that guy, but your second chord should be a Dmaj7 instead of a Dm7.

Ha-no problem, but we’re both wrong. It should be a D7.

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Of course! I had a musical brain fart.

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