How do I Apply beams to display correctly?


I have imported a very simple little piano piece from Sibelius as an MusicXML file. In Sibelius the two eighth notes when they appear always are beamed correctly.

However when importing into Dorico 2.10 the beaming is incorrect.

Under Write/Notation Options/ Beam Grouping / Quarter note (crotchet)… I have tried just about every combination, but no matter what I Apply, nothing happens to the incorrect beam grouping.

I hope some kind soul can assist.

Thank you.


Turn on View > Note and Rest Colors > Voice Colors and double-check that the two quavers/eighths are actually in the same voice.
You might also tweak what Dorico renotates in MusicXML files, by going to Preferences > MusicXML Import. Preferences is on the Dorico menu on Mac, or the Edit menu on Windows.

Thank you for your quick response pianoleo.

The quavers and eighths are in the correct voice.

The problem has been resolved via Preferences > MusicXML Import.

So easy when you know how :slight_smile:

Best wishes and bye for now.